Stress Solving Consultations

Leo Willcocks helps resolve stress in the following areas: Day to Day life, Relationship Challenges and Professional Development.

For more information or to book consulting, contact Leo Willcocks on 0404 233 591.

Day to Day Life

Day to Day life has its own ups and downs.  Sometimes the downs begin to take their toll.  Leo Willcocks Stress Consulting gives you the refuel you need to not just keep going, but start winning again.  Our unique approach helps to solve the stress you are feeling from a situation.  Happiness is restored.  Start enjoying your life again!

Common stressors we help with:

  • Grief
  • Work pressure
  • Changes in family circumstances
  • Lack of confidence, confidence building
  • Health and injury related stress
  • Feelings of depression
  • Fear and anxieties
  • Financial pressure
  • Recurring challenges


Relationship Challenges

Our programs help to resolve conflict and hurt, while building trust, appreciation and intimacy in your relationship.

We don't make you relive your pain over and over.  Our approach is to help you overcome the anguish you feel, within a very short time frame.

You will also learn strategies for building love, to help you have lasting fulfillment in your relationship.

You can have appointments individually or with your partner.


Professional Development

Feel like you are hitting roadblock after roadblock?  Are the stresses you are experiencing taking their toll on you professionally?  Or are professional challenges eating in to your personal life?

Leo Willcocks Stress Consulting helps to solve the sress that is unique to management roles, as well as positions that involve high demands or ongoing pressure.  We focus on helping you excel in your professional role and have peace in your personal life at the same time.

As well as those with corporate responsibilities, professional athletes (who must give their optimum at all times during a match) have had much success through Leo Willcocks Stress Consulting.



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What Others Say:


"If you want more happiness and less stress in life, then DeStress to Success delivers!"

- Sean Covey, Best Selling Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

"The practical information in DeStress to Success will open your eyes to a life with less stress and more satisfaction and peace."

- Doug Wead, Best Selling Author and Former Advisor to the Bush Whitehouse

"I recommend Leo to any team or organization wanting to optimize performance.  When it comes to stress release, Leo gives results." 

- Gary Ella, International Sporting Star, Football Coach