Do You Want Fast Stress Relief That Lasts?

"DeStress to Success is the gift that keeps on giving, from specific situations to long-term solutions. If you have ever felt stressed – and who hasn’t – Leo Willcocks offers a terrific new perspective on keeping calm."

-Harvey Mackay Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive 


"This book shows you how to achieve inner peace, happiness, and a calm effective attitude toward life."


-Brian Tracy CEO, Top selling author of over 45 books and over 300 programs including the best-selling Psychology of Achievement

When you're feeling stressed, you want something that will relieve stress fast. But you also don't want the stress to come back. You want stress relief that works for the long term too.

We empower you with fast stress relief that lasts. With our programs and services, you will be happier and more calm. You will have more resilience, and a greater ability to see through a challenge to find the solution. 

You will be in control of stress, instead of it being in control of you. 

The DeStress to Success Process

Leo Willcocks, founder of DeStress to Success, has worked with people of all walks of life- professional athletes, small to medium business owners, leaders in large companies, as well as ordinary men and women.  

But they all have one thing in common: stress.  

Stress which is taking its destructive toll personally, professionally or both.  In helping these people he has developed the DeStress to Success Process.

The DeStress to Success Process is based on these approaches:

1.       To immediately relieve stress that you feel from a situation, or combination of situations

2.       To help resolve and improve your internal stress response- so that future events don’t cause the same amount of stress

3.       To help implement solutions to the challenges causing stress

You can read the results others have had with our DeStress to Success process here.

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What Others Say:


"If you want more happiness and less stress in life, then DeStress to Success delivers!"

- Sean Covey, Best Selling Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

"The practical information in DeStress to Success will open your eyes to a life with less stress and more satisfaction and peace."

- Doug Wead, Best Selling Author and Former Advisor to the Bush Whitehouse

"I recommend Leo to any team or organization wanting to optimize performance.  When it comes to stress release, Leo gives results." 

- Gary Ella, International Sporting Star, Football Coach