Dwelling and Swelling: New Study Links Stress to Health Problems

How many times have you been completely frustrated, upset, or worried, and just dwelled on it?  Your mood became worse and worse as you thought about the problem.  Maybe you turned to friends for advice.  Maybe you turned to a glass of red instead.

We all have stressful experiences.  It is a part of life.  But new research shows that the way we deal with the stress can have a major impact on our body.

Researchers at Ohio University found that thinking about stressful experiences caused a rise in C - reactive protein.  This protein, which is a marker for heart attack, stroke, and other health concerns, is released in response to inflammation in the body.

Study participants underwent a stressful experience.  Afterwards, half were told to think about neutral events, while the other half were told to think about the stressful experience (a job interview scenario).  Those who thought about the stressful scenario had higher levels of C - reactive protein.

What does this mean?

The study suggests that ‘stressing’ about problems could cause inflammation- a process linked to a host of health problems.

This gives us all a reminder to not dwell on problems.  Apart from making you feel terrible, it is bad for your health as well.  If anything, distracting yourself from the stress, or carrying on with other tasks, is the first step.  It won’t resolve the problem causing the stress, but it will do your body a favor!

The second is to take steps to solve the stress itself.  While it may not be instant, it can happen rather quickly.  Our free report, “3 Simple Steps to Solving Stress” is a great tool for doing this.  With a specific stress solved, you don’t have that frustration or worry returning like a boomerang.  You can enjoy your life, and have the peace of mind you always wanted. 




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